Archives - June 2017


Week 5 C.S.A & Farm Update

Week 5 Hello, I hope everyone is staying dry. Rain can be a bummer for us but the veggies love it. The pumpkin plants almost double in size when we get heavy rains. Veggie season is really starting now, the squash plants once in bloom and producing have to be picked every other day. Week …


Week 4 Farm & C.S.A. Update!

Dear C.S.A members, Another week is here, which means more veggies. The summer squash are in and we picked them gourmet in size. I hope you enjoy these. They are excellent. We are also starting to pick zucchini as well. Everything in the garden is growing well. The broccoli that you receive is a short …


Week 3 C.S.A. & Farm Update

Hello,   I hope everyone has had a great week despite the oppressive heat. It actually feels like I remember the Iowa summers being. Nonetheless it is another great week for veggies. Excessive heat makes the veggies explode with growth. The Kohlrabi are just coming into size and this is the first week for them. …


Week 2 C.S.A. & Farm Update!

Dear C.S.A. Members,   Week 2 is upon us, and a hot and dry one it was. The veggies look great as usualJ I have been using the irrigation system regularly. Each row on the farm has a water line so we can give them a drink when it is super hot. This heat creates …


Week 1 C.S.A. 2017 and Farm Update

Welcome CSA Members 2017,   I would like to thank everyone again for signing up for the C.S.A. We are officially kicking off the program this week!!!! It is going to be a great year and everything looks incredible. If you have not taken the chance to come to the farm we would love to …