Archives - August 2017


Week 14 C.S.A. & Farm Update

Time is flying by and the seasons are slowly changing, and so will the items in your box. As we finish our season this fall you will get an abundance of wonderful items. Tomatoes are still coming in strong and we are picking them as fast as we can pick them off the plant. We …


Week 13 C.S.A. & Farm Update

Dear C.S.A. Community, Week 13 is here! Sorry for the late blog I have been insanely busy in the field and getting C.S.A. prepped this week. Tomatoes are in full bloom. Please make sure you get on our tomato list if you have not. Also loads of extra cherry tomatoes available this week. We are …


Week 12 CSA & Farm Update

Members,   This year is flying by and we have another week of great veggies!  This week the herb is called nasturtium and it is considered a delicacy and the leaves and flowers are edible.  The add excellent flavor to a salad.  When you eat the flower, it is very sweet to begin with and …


Week 11 C.S.A. & Farm Update

Community, Week 11 is here. It is the time of the year when our field tomatoes start to ripen. Many of you have asked about canning tomatoes. All you have to do is click this Link below and sign up We will contact you as the tomatoes ripen and we start at the top of …


Week 10 Farm & C.S.A. Update

Dear C.S.A. Community, Exciting times are upon us. I picked the first field tomatoes this week and you will receive them. They are just starting to turn. In a short time we will be smothered in tomato’s. I hope you like them. When we get to the point when they are really coming to fruition …