2018 Farm Updates & Announcements!




2018 Farm Updates and Announcements

Happy New Year! I hope everyone is having a great start to their New Year. I know we are at the farm! Every new year in life brings changes and this year we have some exciting change happening at the farm. Every year we strive to innovate our farm; and this years new exciting addition is having year round vegetables grown hydroponically! This has been a long term goal of mine and am happy to announce we are growing veggies with success indoors and this success will continue into the future!

I have received many emails regarding our C.S.A. program for 2018. After an immense amount of thought and prayer we have decided to discontinue our C.S.A. program. This is a decision that has taken an enormous toll on me. I have made this decision after years of battling a fickle summer labor market. We will continue to grow just as many vegetables they will just be grown and distributed differently. We will operate a fresh market at our store! Items will be picked fresh daily, for maximum freshness. The hours of operation will continue as normal. Items will be posted on Facebook with what is available. We need your support more now, than ever! So keep coming weekly, and we will be looking forward to seeing you!!

Our store will open officially on April 1st, of 2018 for in season hours. We will be open everyday including Monday!!!!! We will be adding an addition of a permanent awning to the west of the building to keep our outdoor market dry and our veggies fresh. We will have all of our wonderful assortment of goods, but also a large variety of new items. Lots of flowers, succulents, cacti, indoor plants, indoor citrus trees….and most importantly VEGETABLES LOADS and LOADS! Currently we are only open on Saturday’s between 9-5 in the off-season. This weekend will be the first weekend of veggies from the Greenhouse!  Items will be butter lettuce and rainbow swiss chard.

Above are veggies growing right now at the farm. We have some really neat stuff going on indoors. This will alleviate a lot of our reliance on labor and we will be able to focus more intently on growing a premium product for you. We will be updating our website to reflect these changes and update it with some exciting new features. Maybe ordering online?…..:)

I would also like to take a moment to thank all of those who have specifically supported my C.S.A. To all of my former members, thanks for your help getting our farm off the ground. Due to your loyal and hopefully continued support, we will be able to continue growing together, a healthy life, healthy veggies, and a stimulus free environment to bring your family to. Which I hope we could all agree is something so desperately needed in our society today. Your unwavering support for me will never be forgotten or the memories or the relationships. Remember I didn’t go to school for raising veggies, you all helped put me thru the school of Hard Knocks to get where we are today. I will forever be grateful for this.  I look forward to seeing you all at the farm this spring, summer, fall and winter!

Thanks again,

Chris and Brenna Bass

P.S. Reminder the Easter Egg Extravaganza 2018 is March 24th!  Sign up details coming soon!

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