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About Us

The farm life! Our family loves it and wants to share it with you and your family!
Why? For your health and for the benefit of our environment.

I’m Chris Bass, and I grew up on a traditional Iowa farm. Corn and beans as far as the eye could see! After completing two undergrad degrees at Mount Mercy College in Cedar Rapids, I decided to make a positive impact on the community by farming chemical-free vegetables and herbs.

In part, I started vegetable farming because of my health, as I had been overweight nearly a third of my life. The land keeps me constantly active, and I have all the vegetables my family and I could want!

That was in 2008. Since then, the farm has become more than the weekly vegetable boxes we provide—much more. It is inclusive of not only whole foods, but also a more comprehensive healthy lifestyle for the community. Healthful living includes interrupting the monotony of everyday life. It’s about escaping from the stresses of work and life and spending time in the fresh country air. Our gazebo, country store, vegetables, flowers and agri-tours help satisfy that need, that hunger, for creating an authentic experience and connection with the outdoors.

We truly hope that you will taste all that Bass Farms has to offer in your family’s efforts to live better and more sustainably!



  • 11 years of ag experience
  • Mt. Mercy College, Marketing and Business Management degrees
  • G.A.P Certified (Good Agricultural Practices)
  • Completed first class of its kind in Iowa


Community Involvement

The Mount Vernon and Cedar Rapids area has a wealth of worthy causes related to nutrition, agriculture, gardening and education. Bass Family Farms loves to support these organizations! Here are a few ways we share our green thumb for the benefit of our community’s knowledge and health.

  • Donating produce and funds to the American Cancer Society
  • Teaching cooking classes
  • House of Hope,
  • Throughout the greater Cedar Rapids Mt. Vernon community
  • Talking about agricultural careers at Mt. Vernon Middle School
  • Providing two acres for Horizons to garden
  • Designing the Feed Iowa First Garden, Southwest Cedar Rapids
  • Planting and providing seeds for Usher’s Ferry garden, Cedar Rapids
  • Offering 12,000 pounds of cucumbers free to area nonprofits and the public
  • Donating mums and 60 pumpkins to Tanager Place
  • Creating multiple gift baskets for the St. Peter & Paul Historical Foundation and Chapel