Week 12 CSA & Farm Update

Members,   This year is flying by and we have another week of great veggies!  This week the herb is called nasturtium and it is considered a delicacy and the leaves and flowers are edible.  The add excellent flavor to a salad.  When you eat the flower, it is very sweet to begin with and …


Week 11 C.S.A. & Farm Update

Community, Week 11 is here. It is the time of the year when our field tomatoes start to ripen. Many of you have asked about canning tomatoes. All you have to do is click this Link below and sign up https://bassfarms.org/canning-list/ We will contact you as the tomatoes ripen and we start at the top of …


Week 10 Farm & C.S.A. Update

Dear C.S.A. Community, Exciting times are upon us. I picked the first field tomatoes this week and you will receive them. They are just starting to turn. In a short time we will be smothered in tomato’s. I hope you like them. When we get to the point when they are really coming to fruition …


Week 9 Farm & C.S.A. Update

Week 9 Summer is moving right along and so are the veggies. The tomato’s are right around the corner, and this will be the last week of green tomato’s. The new item this week is beets. They are awesome in flavor & color. There are always lots of extras in the store so if you …


Week 8! C.S.A. & Farm Update

Dear Members, Week 8 is upon with lots of heat. Some exciting things happening lately. In the store we have purchased a new freezer for our ever growing meat selection; and are proud to add Ford Family Short Horns to the meat selection. Farm Update: Lately at the farm we have been incredibly busy. The …


Week 7 Farm & C.S.A Update!

Dear C.S.A. Community, Another week is here. Veggies Galore. If you need any extras we have loads out front on the rack. They will always be out in front unless it is raining. Also we just started carrying duck eggs for those with allergies to regular eggs. The farm is doing great, growth is exceptional …


Week 6 C.S.A. & Farm Update!

Hello members! Summer is flying by! The veggies are growing in abundance. Sorry for the late blog post. This weeks box is great!! Please share your recipes with us on our Facebook page or website. We are just starting to get into the candy onions. They are EXCELLENT! They are not storage onions and have …


Week 5 C.S.A & Farm Update

Week 5 Hello, I hope everyone is staying dry. Rain can be a bummer for us but the veggies love it. The pumpkin plants almost double in size when we get heavy rains. Veggie season is really starting now, the squash plants once in bloom and producing have to be picked every other day. Week …


Week 4 Farm & C.S.A. Update!

Dear C.S.A members, Another week is here, which means more veggies. The summer squash are in and we picked them gourmet in size. I hope you enjoy these. They are excellent. We are also starting to pick zucchini as well. Everything in the garden is growing well. The broccoli that you receive is a short …


Week 3 C.S.A. & Farm Update

Hello,   I hope everyone has had a great week despite the oppressive heat. It actually feels like I remember the Iowa summers being. Nonetheless it is another great week for veggies. Excessive heat makes the veggies explode with growth. The Kohlrabi are just coming into size and this is the first week for them. …