C.S.A. Member Potluck!


Hello Again,

I almost forgot to mention in my last farm update about the C.S.A potluck. The potluck will be on September 30th. It will start @ 12:30. Please bring a dish of your choice and chairs. I don’t think that I have enough chairs for everyone. The potluck will be held around our firepit and after we eat we will take a tour of the farm on the wagons where we can all talk about what we liked, didn’t like etc… Or if you have any questions this is the time to ask. You can also get your pumpkins before the general public @ this time. I will set up tables for the food & start the fire. It will be a good time to come out and enjoy the farm. If you can’t make it that is ok. You can still come out to the farm whenever to get your pumpkins and to say HI!

Thanks For Reading,


P.S. If you have not signed up for C.S.A next year and plan on it please do so before Dec. 31st if you want the discount. This year we had around 100 members. The farm needs 150 to be sustainable, so tell your friends!!!!!! The last day for sign-up this year will be March 31st. of 2013. This is due to the fact that the farm purchases most if not all of our inputs in the fall. Also it is a mini castastrophe taking on forty to fifty members in the last two weeks of May!!

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