C.S.A. Week 8


This week’s box look’s good. Their is many items in the box.

I don’t know exact quantity this week, the boxes are full though. So 
Cabbage- Last week of the Cabbage, Yay!!!!!
Baking Zuc
Premium Green Pepper
Summer Squash
Green Beans
Gongura Leaves, they are an extreme delicacy. I don’t think you can find them anywhere else. So Enjoy this item. They are awesome in a roast or with eggs. They can be used basically like any other herb. They are extremely flavorful. Chew on a small bit of the leaf to get a sense of the wonderful flavor. I will not tell you how it tastes, you have to give it a fair chance yourself. They are stored best between two moist paper-towels in the fridge. They don’t last long so utilize while you have them. 
Thz Chris 

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