C.S.A. & Farm Customers 2017 Updates



2017 Already! Time flies. I hope all of you had a wonderful Holiday season and New Year. My wife and I recently found out we are having another baby boy. This is exciting news. The farm continues to change and grow in ways I never knew it could. It always seems to adapt to life circumstances and continues! This is going to be a great year. The farm has more garlic growing than ever before. It is doing great and was planted last fall. I am looking forward to the many scapes we will receive this summer.

2017 C.S.A. Farm Updates: Benefits Everyone!

  1.  Limited On Farm Memberships (except Lion Bridge Brewing)
    • As the farm grows- its many avenues we are learning to hone our skills
  2. Why
    • Increased Efficiency
    • Better Quality Product
    • Better Customer Support
    • Stay True to the Farm’s Core Values
    • Securing Long Term Viability for Farm
  3. Streamlined Discount For All Members
    • 15% Off Entire Purchase (Includes Wine, Meats)
    • Improves Register Times
  4.  One Box Size 3/4 bushel
    • Every Member Receives Herbs
    • Every Member Receives Eggs

On top of this we have many new surprises for our Fall Festival, as we do every year and are always trying something new. In February of this month I will be attending several hydroponics seminars to access the viability for the Farm. I am very excited about this opportunity as I love to learn new things. I would like to think that most of you would come see me in the winter time if I had this incredible lettuce 😉 Some of our staff that are returning from last year are Carly- C.S.A. Lead and Tiffany Bass, my sister who helps with the retail side. Of course I will be there as well! 🙂

Potential 2017 Events:

  • Released Dates will be announced on Facebook & Twitter
  • Must have Tickets In Advance Via Event-Brite
  1. Easter Egg Hunt
  2. Spring, Summer, Fall Wine Tasting
  3. Harvest Dinner
  4. Pancake Breakfast
  5. Fall Festival

Note: Our events fill up fast. If you have interest in coming please sign up early or contact the store.

This year we also will be looking for a few volunteers on packing day. This particular day is Wednesday of every week. If your interested please let us know, because in return for volunteering that day you can take a free share home. We only have so many open spots for this as well. Times would be 12:30-4ish. If your interested please email Chris@bassfarms.org for more info. I hope to see lots of new faces this year and many familiar ones as well.

Thanks again,

Chris, Brenna, and The Farm Team


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