C.S.A. & Farm Update!!


Dear C.S.A. Community,

I know you are all chomping at the bit and we are so close. The farm is doing excellent and the veggies look great. We are just needing a little bit more sunlight and a smidgen more time. The program will commence either the Week of May 23 or at the latest the following week. This announcement I will email to all of you on this Sunday the 22nd. I have to see how the veggies look at the end of the week as I don’t want to pick any prematurely. It is going to be a great season and I am excited to get to know all of you and see all of the old friends again. This weekend we have a wine tasting on May 21st, from 6-8. There will be live music, apps, & wine samples. Feel free to come if you are looking for something to do. There are all kinds of exciting and new things happening at the farm this year. For one, we now have a chef and a certified dietician that will be available to the farm. I traded him produce for his diabetes classes and now he is writing all of our C.S.A. recipes that will be on the blog. Willy is a formally trained chef and we are glad to have him on board. Later this season the farm and Willy will be hosting cooking classes. They are going to be great so stay tuned for those. We will send recipes to member emails, Facebook, twitter, & the recipe section of the website. We really want to give you every possible option to utilize the produce. So for maximum enjoyment of your C.S.A. read the emails and follow the recipes. There is also a submit your own recipe page on the website. I highly encourage you to post a recipe if you find a great way to use an item. If your having trouble then someone else is also. This helps us all utilize and find great ways to use your veggies. I encourage everyone to come to the farm at some point again, it is such a great place to bring your family and we would love to see you. We have awesome local products that you will enjoy if your part of our program.

New Products For 2016:

Lamb Chop
Ground Lamb
Antibiotic & Hormone Free Chicken (whole,breast,legs)
Olive Oils
Organic Coffee
Expansion of Edgewood Meats
Addition of Pavelka Meats
Expanded Wine Selection
Outstanding Selection of Spices (45+ Varieties)
Olive Oils
Canned Wines

Don’t forget to use your discount.

We also have flowers (hanging baskets and perennials are reduced in price) available till June 5th or we sell out. If you do not receive your welcome packet by this Friday please call the farm @ 319-895-6480.

The store is open Everyday but Mondays from 10-6!

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to give the store a call anytime. 319-895-6480

The password for the Recipes is : community







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