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Their is a growing need for Gluten free products in our community & we have some in our store that our made in Tipton, Ia. I have forgotten to mention them on the blog thus far. They are excellent & made right down the street. Anyone can Eat a Gluten Free Product!


Farm Update!

Things at the farm are changing fast. This is alway’s a busy time of the year for the farm. We are hustling to  clean up some veggie patches and getting ready for the fall Harvest.  We are going to have a Fall Festival October 1st. So please mark you Calendars!!! BRING YOUR KIDS!!!! HAYRACK RIDES!!! …


C.S.A! Week 14

Dear C.S.A members, this weeks box is on time and full as usual.Items Included: Cherry TomatosEggplantPotato’sRoma TomatoMixed Hot PepperAcorn SquashButternut SquashCucumbersHabenero (On Rack) Thz Chris


Squash MANIA!

Good NEWS C.S.A members the Acorn & Butternut squash from our fields are ready. We started picking squash today. So be expecting these great fall items. We should have squash for at-least the rest of season. They are everywhere in the patch. Spotted all over the ground. Anywhoo ThZ Chris


C.S.A. Week 13

Dear C.S.A members, Looks like another great week. We picked quite a bit today. Their was a small surprise the green beans decided to give us another week. So that is nice. Crops are coming along well. Week 14 will be the start of fall squash. They are a little early but they will be …


C.S.A Week 12

C.S.A. Week 12 Brussel Sprouts Roma Tomatos Potatoes Eggplant  Jalapeno (in box) Tomatos Cucumbers Habanero’s (always On rack) At-least try the Brussel’s !!!!!


C.S.A. Week 11

This week is also another good week. We have a new item & that is Roma tomatoes. They are tiny & excellent. We picked quite a bit this week. So the boxes will be plentiful. C.S.A. Week 11 Tomato’sCucumbersZucchiniGonguraHabanero’s On RackRoma Tomato’s (New Item)Classic EggplantStriped purple eggplantPotatoes I hope you all enjoy this week’s box. …


C.S.A. Week 10

Looks like another great box this week @ Bass Farms! TomatoesZucchiniCherry TomatoesHabaneros, possibly banana too I will check in the A.M.GonguraClassic Eggplant “New”RJ EggplantSweetCorn-Last Week of Corn*Herb’s (pick-up members) We are skipping Green peppers this week, they are recovering from this nasty force they call the wind. * We will still have corn although I …


Dr. Terry Cooper’s (Food For Thought) Seminar

Dr. Cooper is a good friend of mine and is offering a seminar @ her clinic. She has helped us out greatly by providing a safe and convenient drop-off point for our C.S.A. members who live to far from the farm to pick up their Chemical Free Veggie’s. So be sure to call her office …


C.S.A. Week 8

This week’s box look’s good. Their is many items in the box. I don’t know exact quantity this week, the boxes are full though. So  Cabbage- Last week of the Cabbage, Yay!!!!! Baking Zuc Cucumber  Premium Green Pepper Summer Squash Green Beans Gongura Leaves, they are an extreme delicacy. I don’t think you can find …

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