Community Supported Agriculture

Having a CSA Membership ensures that you get the freshest local AND seasonal produce directly from the farm. With a Bass Farms CSA Membership you also get exclusive access to our herb gardens and pumpkin patch on top of your CSA share! CSA members can use our fire pit and other select areas. View our distribution chart to see what we have provided our CSA members in the past. Click here to see some recipes we suggest to use your CSA!

Natural Farming

We’ve spent years amending the soil of our vegetable fields, naturally, so that it’s healthy and capable of producing a maximum yield of tasty, healthy vegetables. We’ve also installed a top of the line irrigation system that ensures the veggies get plenty of water. The water that we irrigate with is fresh and straight out of the ground.

Well-Balanced Shares

Who wants to receive a weekly share with 5 lbs of brussel sprouts and 2 heads of cabbage? No one! At Bass Farms, we plan our harvest so that there are a variety of vegetables in every share. While our farm will always be subject to the weather, we’ve got our planting rotation down to a science. We make sure you always get a variety in your share box.

Ready to Eat Vegetables

When you pick up your vegetables from Bass Farms, your full share is pre-washed and carefully packaged in a FDA approved box. Your vegetables are ready to eat or cook as soon as you get home (or if you need to munch in the car, you can do that, too!)

Additional Perks

Because we believe so strongly about providing healthy, local foods to our members we’ve taken extra steps to partner with other organizations and plant some ‘extras’ that you can take advantage of. Our members get 15 extra lbs of produce, 15 lbs of canning tomatoes, full access to our CSA Herb Garden, AND pumpkins!

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Pickup Locations

Bass Family Farms

1325 Hwy 30 W, Mount Vernon, IA 52314
Thursdays and Fridays, 10am – 6pm After hours pickup available

Lion Bridge Brewing Co

59 16th Ave SW
Cedar Rapids, IA 52404
Thursday 3 – close

Crop Failures

Rain and Sunshine are great…but too much of a good thing isn’t good. In the event of a crop failure, Bass Family Farms will co-op with other producer’s who practice chemical free or Organic farming to fulfill your CSA share. We won’t blame you for mother nature’s blunders!

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