Bass Family Farms Gift Certificate

Frequently Asked Questions

How does this work?

With a preseason payment “You” purchase a share of the summer’s harvest. You will then receive a weekly box of our seasonal produce, during the course of our 16-18 week season.

A Shared Commitment!

When you purchase a share you are dedicating yourself to be our customer for the year, thus providing us a secure market—a welcome measure of certainty in the fickle world of farming. Bass Farms & its staff, in turn, will dedicate ourselves to being your farmers, providing you with a tasty, nutritious diet.

Shared Risk; Shared Reward:

We will do our very best to pick you a beautiful and bountiful box each week, but since our boss, nature, provides no guarantees-we can’t offer any either. One of the premises of a Community Supported Agriculture program is that the shareholder shares, through the veggies, the farmers’ experience of nature’s mischief and blessings!

Not To Worry!

The weather woes will probably never rob you of all your veggies! In the Seven years we have been open we have never not been able to fill a box because of the weather.

How We Grow:

All of our vegetables are pesticide and herbicide free. We raise all of our produce on raised plastic beds and irrigate the entire property. So we don’t have to worry about receiving too much or too little rain. We don’t use any GMO seeds. Some of the seeds we use are hybrids but they are not genetically modified. The only item that is conventionally grown is sweet corn. We use a Non-GMO seed that is conventionally grown.

What If I can’t pick up in the Allowed Time?

This is fine. We strongly encourage you to pickup on your pickup day, however, we will hold your box until the Sunday of that CSA week (only for farm pickup).

What If I am on Vacation?

This is also fine. That is why we issue you a membership card. Feel free to give your card to a friend or church peer so they can enjoy your veggies while you are gone. If no one picks them up we will donate to a charity of your choice.

Do you offer Recipes?

Yes, each week when we distribute the veggies the farm will publish 3-6 recipes on the blog that correspond with some of the items you receive. This way you will never be stuck with a veggie and not know how to cook it. We also publish what you will be receiving each week on the blog so you don’t purchase item twice at the grocery store.

Are their membership perks?
  • 15% off any item in Store
  • 3 Pumpkins for Free
  • 15 additional lbs of free produce
  • Canning Tomatoes (15 pounds)
  • Develop relationship with local farmers

*Membership perks are available to MEMBERS ONLY during current season.

Nature’s Harvest

Eating GREEN has never been easier

An economical, chemical free and healthy alternative to commercially produced food.

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