Farm Update


Farm Update 1.2


Thanks to the many of you that have signed up for our C.S.A. program thus far. We are thankful and grateful!  We will stop accepting memberships when we reach 100 or May 15th; whichever comes first.  We are very excited for this year to start!  Currently at the farm we have been spending our days restocking and preparing for this season.  Recently we potted our succulents for the spring and this is always a great time!  Succulents are one of my favorites.  Many of the veggies have been started or are getting started very shortly.  They are started based on how many days it takes the plant to come to literal fruition.  We have loads of wonderful Edgewood meats and Grass Fed Beef.  Our grass fed beef is raised locally!  We charge only what we pay because it is so expensive and that should not be a barrier to a healthy meal.  At our farm store it is only $6.50/lb.  We still have eggs available on the weekends.  If any of you would like me to pick up a cut of meat we don’t carry from Edgewood, just send me an email.  Our “brat of the week” is Hash Browns with Cheese.  A tasty treat for your breakfast!  If anyone has any questions feel free to send me an email.


Thanks Again,

Chris Bass

P.S. Here are some of the succulents, we planted a bunch!

They will be available in the spring!!!!!!!!!!

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