Farm Update & Life Update:)



Its been a while since I have given everyone a good update on the farm and my life at the farm. I have been insanely busy all summer updating our old green house to be able to grow vegetables year round in it. Yes Iowa Winters! We are growing some epic varieties of basil and have lots of lettuce growing. We are able to grow quite a bit and I am incredibly excited how this will impact the farm and our little retail store as well as local community. My newborn is doing great and having two kids is like entering a new dimension. You reach a point in life where you look at your parents and your so Thankful they put up with all of us! So I am glad we have this great green house growing these beautiful veggies. I will update everyone further when the green house veggies are available. They are CHEMICAL FREE!!!!!! I have put sign up sheets on the website if anyone is interested in carrots or potatoes over the holidays we will personally dig you some. Just click on the link on our homepage and sign-up for your allotment. We will be open all next week excluding Thanksgiving Day!!! Please stop by if you need anything for Thanksgiving. Lots of Great Sales!

The farm has lots of exciting news coming up shortly that we will release photo’s of shortly after XMAS. These updates will put our greens and herbs in a league of their own excellence! I want to personally thank everyone again who came out and supported the farm this year. We are so grateful; next year will be ten years in business.

Family Update

Here is an updated photo of a recent event that took place in our neighborhood!

Farm Sneak Peak

Indoors!!! Woo HOO

Hope Everyone Has A Wonderful Holiday Week!

ThanksGiving Week Hours:

T-W-Black Friday 10-5

Thanks Again,


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