General Farm & Crop Report!



First & Foremost I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend. Now to the farm. So far, so good. We have had a lot of rain. We have been dealing with the rain by seeding flats in the greenhouse and flaming our young crop of weeds that is starting to grow. We have not used any of our kelp yet. The cold crops, are looking good.

The Kohlrabi is really close to being ready to consume, as well as our first batch of lettuce’s, and onion chives.

The potato plants are out of the ground and look great. They are about 4-5 inches tall, almost time to hill them. The first batch of onions is growing well, and so the second is about 2 inches out. They look good on top.

The broccoli is coming along nicely as well. No head development, but the growth looks great. The cucumbers and beans have sprouted extremely well and plants are visible in plastic. The sweet corn is in the ground and sprouted.

Also Thanks to everyone for being patient as I know everyone is excited to eat fresh produce. It is always worth the wait. The only major issue’s we have had to deal with this spring is minor erosion issue’s. Since the farm is so new, we are still developing the land and continue to amend the land to control water and run-off. We almost have it down. We had two spot’s where water would sit after the rain, I think we have them fixed time will tell. One area we had to dig a trench to redirect water. The other spot we removed a strip in the wet-spot and we have decided to seed it to a waterway. This will help absorb the water. We also directed it towards the pond so it will fill pond.

Some exciting news is that Ben and I drove to Missouri last week to pick up our veggie washer. It was a fun trip. We were only away from the farm for 30 hours but fun none the less. This veggie washer is super cool, and can do wonders to a dirty tomato. It is sixteen feet long. Put in a dirty veggie on one end and the the other side spits that veggie out clean. Almost like a car wash for veggies. We have been waiting for a washer like this for three years. It will make the farm much more efficient and cleaning will be less of a burden on our bodies. The C.S.A is still on schedule, please keep eye on email because it will sneak up on us before we know it. The spring boxes are generally lighter in weight 5-12lb. Then get more bountiful as the season progresses. Tomorrow I will start posting recipe’s for this upcoming season.

Thanks Chris

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