Prices Go Up! Yikes Right, Maybe Not…..You be the Judge! A.N.F


Dear Community,

For the 2014 year the farm has raised it C.S.A. prices. I am sure many of you are aware if you have checked out our website. It has the prices for next year listed already. If you are wondering why we are raising our prices it is due to many factors. I will address it once so I don’t receive a million emails. 😉

The most important reason that prices have gone up for 2014 is sustainability.

I have learned a great lesson over the past six years and that is, without a sustainable farmer you can never create a sustainable farm.

My one and only goal is to provide truly 100% chemical free clean vegetables to the public for a fair price. The farm only uses organic methods to grow our vegetables. No wholesale. No restaurants. Just a simple direct relationship with the end consumer. For the 2014 year the farm is capping memberships at 175  to provide more vegetables and a better end product in each share. We will provide you with a product that is superior in quality and you can support a truly LOCAL farm. (Of course, with Mother Nature’s Blessing).

The member’s we truly want to have as customers understand the value in healthy, locally grown food & want to share & enjoy this beautiful farm with us. Also for the 2014 year the farm we will be adding options to have herbs and eggs delivered to your drop-point. You can select this on the check-out page.

There are so many benefits to a Bass Farms CSA share – benefits that are not found at any other CSA in the region.

Bass Farms C.S.A. Benefits

  • We properly store your veggies as they are picked in a commercial grade cooler so you receive them in ideal condition.
  • We use a commercial grade washing system – which reduces your wash and prep time
  • We plant our vegetables in raised beds
    • (Reduces root washout and uses less water)
  • Professional drip irrigation system for vegetables
    • (100 g.p.m.)
    • You still get veggies, even in case of drought
  • Distributes Veggie’s in F.D.A. Approved Boxes
  • Individually washed & bagged veggies
  • Easy Access to Customer Service
  • Locally sourced beef (Processed at Edgewood Locker just for Farm)(F.D.A. Approved)
    • Can Order in Bulk (New For 2014)
    • 1/4 or 1/2
    • Tentative Delivery June 15th
    • Will be available on-line (Including Cuts)
  • Locally Sourced Eggs (Free Range)
  • Locally Sourced Pork
  • Large Gluten Free Product Line
  • Locally Roasted Coffee
  • Locally produced Glycerin Soaps
  • Locally poured Candles (Soy)
  • Locally produced Honey
  • Plus many more locally sourced items…
  • All Members Receive 30% off all goods in Store the Entire Season
  • All Members Receive 3-5 pumpkins for free
  • All Members Receive a Membership card with 15 extra punches for veggies.
  • Access to 15 picnic tables any time we are open (NEW For 2014) On Farm
    • Makes for a beautiful lunch or relaxing afternoon
    • Tables will be located throughout Farm During Season (Probably Good Idea to Call Ahead)
    • General Access to the farm everyday but Monday! (We are Closed)
    • Watch Your Veggie’s Grow
  • Free Hay-Rack Rides In October
  • #10-#15 extra tomato’s (In Season Only) for canning
  • Conveniently Located Directly off of Major Highway (U.S. 30) Across from Park
  • 12 Minutes From Cedar Rapids
  • Massive Herb Bed Conveniently Located Next To Parking Lot
    • Lots & Lots of Herbs
    • Free for all Members all you have to do is stop at the farm
    • Roughly 30 varieties of Herbs
The C.S.A. program that I have developed over the past six years offer’s all kinds of wonderful items that you can’t receive at other C.S.A.’s. At Bass Farms it is truly a community. We pull every weed by hand and harvest all of the vegetables manually. We use today’s latest technology with no chemicals – which requires a lot of trained staff time, knowledge and vigilance.I’d like to close by saying that it is important to be aware of what we buy and where we buy it from. It is easy to take the items we buy at the store for granted – they come clean, cut and packaged, at a low dollar cost – but I encourage you to think about the global cost. These items are farmed with chemicals, often using unethical labor practices, then shipped (with more chemicals to slow ripening) across the country. When you calculate these items – is that bargain lettuce worth it?

Last but not least!
If you were a member last year and are purchasing a membership for the 2014 season and want your resign-up discount: Follow Instructions Below
Discount: For 2013 C.S.A. customers only! (Not NEW MEMBERS)
  • $25 off of Half
  • $50 off of Full
  • $100 off Corporate
Discount: For NEW MEMBERS
  • $25 off if you are a YMCA member
    • (Can’t Use Two Discounts)
    • Example: Current Member Discount + YMCA Discount
Must Sign Up By January 31st. To Receive Discount*
To Receive Discount you must mail a check to: (Don’t forget to subtract proper amount)
Bass Farms L.L.C.
P.O. Box 146
Mt. Vernon, Ia 52314
Memo: Renew Discount
*Prices Click Here For Current Prices2012 & 2013 Distribution Lists (Check for yourself)
2012-2013 Veggie Disclosure (What members received each week in the PAST)

The farm will not be accepting member’s after March 31st. We have to strategically plan on how many plants to start based on members. So once we hit 175 mark,  the enrollment for 2014 will be closed. I hope that most of you continue to support us knowing that you are providing a sustainable work environment for us, where we can continue to train & learn to be better farmers. As well as spend needed time with our loved ones. This program can continue to change the way we eat, with your support. Maybe someday we will be able to really make a difference and feed many, many families. All great things take time!Even with education and healthy options available. It is alway’s tough to break a habit, especially what you eat and where you get it from. Joining a C.S.A. is a big commitment to support your local farmer. If it is absolutely out of your price range, I have a small fund of money my wife and I have set aside for the less fortunate. Scholarships will be awarded on an as-needed basis. Please contact me if this is an issue, it is nothing to be ashamed of, I know first hand how hard it is to make a living. Also if anyone needs to set up a payment plan, I am more then willing to work with you on an as-needed basis. I understand this is a serious cost. Please do not hesitate to contact me! Good, quality local food is important to us. If it’s important to you as well, we’ll try to help.

Thanks for your year’s of support,
Thanks Again,
Chris Bass
319-558-8199Brenna Bass
Farmer’s Wife-Main Supporter

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