Your Share

Your Share

$ 600.00

Your size box is the perfect sized box to supplement your weekly meals with local vegetables! The average weight is 8 – 12 lbs.

You'll Get:

• One 3/4 Bushel box of vegetables EVERY WEEK for 16-18 Weeks
• 15% Off Purchases in Store
• 15-lbs. Extra Produce Punch Card
• 15-lbs. Canning Tomatoes (upon request)
• Herbs & Eggs Distributed Weekly with Every Share
• Full Access to the Farm, including: 20 Outdoor Picnic Tables, Large Gazebo, 18 Holes Putt-putt Golf, discounted use of Indoor Event Space, Flat-rate Hay Rack Ride Tours (up to 25 people), access to Fire Pit and more!
• 3-Fall Pumpkins
• 5-Season Passes to our Fall Festival ($25 value)
Non GMO and chemical free.
(limited quantities available for the 2017 season.)

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