At Last Springtime…….


Spring is a the long – awaited change of winter to spring.
Nature awakens evidenced by small delicate bursts of green sprouting through the debris of winter.
The sun slowly begins to warm the earth as the delicate spring “bloomers” begin to show their beauty. Look for your Snowdrops, Crocus, Hellebores (Lenton rose), Virginia Bluebells, Grape Hyacinth, and Bloodroot to name a few. Oh, and please don’t forget the beautiful wild Phlox that grace our hills and line our neighborhood streets with their magnificent magentas and purples.
One of my favorites is the Redbud, flowers get lots of deserving press. However, there are many trees that offer springtime beauty for our eyes. The Redbud proudly displays its wonder in the array of budding pink blooms beginning in March.
Oh yes, spring is definitely in the air…….

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