Week 13 C.S.A. & Farm Update


Dear C.S.A. Community,

Week 13 is here! Sorry for the late blog I have been insanely busy in the field and getting C.S.A. prepped this week. Tomatoes are in full bloom. Please make sure you get on our tomato list if you have not. Also loads of extra cherry tomatoes available this week. We are starting to prep for the fall and the season changing! The pumpkins are getting huge!!! We are very excited about the fall as we love pumpkin season.

Week 13 Menu:

  • Sweet Corn
  • Squash or Zucchini
  • Green Pepper
  • Mixed Peppers
  • Cherry Tomato
  • Slicing Tomato
  • Allens Orchard Apples
  • Kale


  • Oregano

Thanks Chris Bass

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