Week 17!!! BONUS WEEK!!!! (C.S.A. Members)


Dear C.S.A. Members,

Thanks again for being part of our program this year. We are happy to get this extra week out to you! I hope you all enjoyed this season. I felt like it was a great year considering the drought and I hope you feel you got a great Value! Many of you have asked if your discount is good until we close up this winter and the answer is yes.  The potluck again is on September 30th, please check the previous blog post for the details. I would love for everyone to come so we can get your input & answer any questions you might have. It is always a great time too. This last box of veggies will contain winter squash, pie pumpkin, Eggplant & Brussels Sprouts. You can use your pumpkin vouchers whenever you want. I would recommend waiting until The 1st. That is when we set up all our displays and their is the best selection available! We pick most of the pumpkins on Sept. 29th. You can also get them if you are @ the potluck. Please bring your survey back this week if you have not done so. If you have not received a survey please ask for one when you pick up your box. There are only five questions. Please remember that their is a discount to sign-up early for next year.

See You This Week


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