Week 2 C.S.A & Farm Update!


Dear C.S.A. Community,

Another week has past and we are on to our 2nd week already. The vegetables health wise are doing excellent. The hot weather makes our vegetables explode with growth. They are growing so fast! This is the first week of eggs and herb deliveries. If you subscribed to any of those items they will arrive with your shares wherever you pick them up at. If you pick up at the farm you just grab your eggs out of the cooler when you pick up your box of produce. The herbs for members who pick up from the farm are located in the greenhouse. Please ask store for scissors and a bag if you would like to partake when you arrive at the farm.

Next are some housekeeping items to cover.

  • All of the businesses for our drop points are voluntarily opening up their doors for us. Remember to be kind and pick up your produce within the allotted time. These business will not keep these boxes for us past the allotted time.
  • If you have to change your location for the week because of an illness or family vacation etc…the farm must be notified no later than Tuesday at noon.
  • As a reminder all drop point hours are listed at the bottom of this email.
  • If you would like to bring the boxes back to the farm, we are happy to reuse or recycle. Drop points prefer if the boxes don’t accumulate around their businesses.

As a reminder if the weather holds up we will be having “Summer Kids Weekend” this weekend. (Saturday & Sunday) All members are allotted four tickets for free.  That is per box.  Even if you share with 8 people the box only comes with four free tickets. It is going to be a wonderful time. The farm puts up eighteen holes of miniature golf, bounce houses, childrens sling shots and hay-rides.  A great opportunity to come and get educated on the farm and have fun at the same time. Woo Hoo…lol 🙂  If you have friends that want to come it is also open to the public for $5

Don’t forget Lion Bridge’s first annual farmers market starts tonight be sure to stop out and support them!  We will have a booth too!!

The Good Stuff

Week 2 Menu:

  • Cossack Kohlrabi (White)
  • Purple Kohlrabi
  • Bok Choi
  • Head Lettuce
  • Crunchy Kale
  • Asparagus
  • Rainbow Chard

Herb Distribution Week 2:


Thanks again and hope your enjoying the veggies,

Chris Bass and the farm team




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