Week 4 Blog & C.S.A. Update !


Dear C.S.A. Community,


Week 4 is upon us and we are finishing up with some of the spring items and starting to welcome some new ones as well. This heat has the peppers and all the different types of zucchini and eggplant growing faster than I have ever seen. This week is the earliest we have ever harvested banana peppers and summer squash are super close as well! The plants look very healthy. I will update Facebook tomorrow with new growth photos.


*****Reminder it is an egg week.


Week 4 Menu:


  • Savoy cabbage or purple cabbage
  • Last of the kohlrabi
  • First banana peppers of the year-quantities go up as the plant matures
  • Swiss chard (eat relatively quickly)
  • Kale
  • Green onions


Week 4 Herb: Lemon balm


We have many wonderful items in the store to check out that compliment your C.S.A. share and your choice to live a healthier lifestyle. There are many products available that are healthy and taste good at the same time. Also moderation is the key to anything. Listed below are some of the wonderful products that we carry.


  • Edgewood Locker meats
  • Wisconsin cheese curds
  • Pavelka’s bacon
  • Dolan Farms lamb products
    • Antibiotic & hormone free
  • Dolan Farms chicken products
    • Antibiotic & hormone free
    • Not certified free range but has access to a pasture.
  • Certified grass fed beef
    • $6.50lb
    • Locally raised




This weekend there is a wine tasting on Saturday June 25th from 6-8, it is free! We have live music, veggie platters, wine samples and most importantly great company!


I hope you all have another wonderful weekend!

Thanks Chris Bass


The picture below was taken today @ 10:41. So you can imagine the wonderful items that are right around the corner!







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